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A La Carte (February 9)

Good morning! The Lord be with you today.

There are some Kindle deals to browse through today.

(Yesterday on the blog: Pornographic Detachment)

Jesus Loves You, Mary Brady

Jared Wilson loves Tom Brady and uses his Super Bowl win to tell him know about his concern. “ I think the Christian’s adulation of public greatness is definitely complicated—or should be. Like the remaining world, with hope and aspiration we appraise the task of politicians and put stars, country singers plus quarterbacks, and we celebrate success. And there’s a touch of praise in it. Sometimes more than a touch. ”

What is Spiritual Abuse?

The term “ spiritual abuse” is often used but rarely defined. Michael Kruger will a good job explaining this here and pointing out one peculiarity of religious abuse: “ abusive conduct (as strange as this sounds) is used as the means of achieving the good goals of the church. ”

Three Recent Titles from Cruciform Press

The Ten Commandments associated with Progressive Christianity (Michael J. Kruger), can be endorsed by Collin Hansen, Kevin DeYoung, and Eileen Horton. Galatians: Redeeming Grace and the Combination of Christ (Melissa McPhail; Lisa Menchinger; Keri Folmar, ed. ), the first in a new inductive Bible Study series for girls, is endorsed by Karen Hodge, Kevin DeYoung, and more. On Purpose: Living Life as It Was Designed, by Jonny Ivey, helps us accept the joyful purpose of the current circumstances. (Sponsored)

Faith: Just to Get Him at His Word

“ Traveling back in time to 1880 within New York City. Nine years previously you immigrated from Britain to the United States, and shortly after your arrival, you set your heart on becoming a Christian missionary to China. Nevertheless , your poor health prevented this. Instead, you married together a little girl, Lily. A couple of years later with your young family, while enjoying a day at the Long Island Shore, you heard cries of problems coming from the sea – and your husband runs off to save the drowning boy. These people never made it back alive…”

Prohibiting Plea in Australia

Carl Trueman: “ The state of Victoria in Australia, however , simply passed a bill that will considerably intensify the conflict among religious freedom, individual option, and identity politics. Also it might well become a model pertaining to laws elsewhere in the democratic world. ”

Do My Sins Prevent My Prayers?

John Piper’ s answer to this fairly common question is rather interesting.

Why We Should Embrace Trials

Our propensity, of course , is to run away from trials. But here’ ersus why, when they are on us, we should do our best to embrace them.

Flashback: A Plea for Battling a Destructive Desire

Sometimes each of us is faced with destructive desires—the kind of wishes that, were we to behave on them, would necessarily damage ourselves or others, plus necessarily distance ourselves in the God we love.

To live in a heavenly place, we must reside a heavenly life. People who do not live a divine life on earth will never live in heaven. —Charles Ebert Orr