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A La Carte (February 5)

Good morning! The grace from the Lord Jesus Christ end up being with you today.

Today’ s Kindle deals include a handful of books.

A Letter towards the Premiers of the Provinces and Territories of Canada

I’ d co-sign this letter if I can. “ While we acknowledge that for the most part, pastors plus religious leaders are not professionals in epidemiology, we do dare to claim a certain insight into the human condition and the tremendous social, personal plus spiritual costs associated with our present strategy and lockdown protocols. We write this letter to you so as to provide you with all the best information possible when it comes time to reevaluate our technique. ”

7 Variations of Selfish Preaching

Even some thing as noble as talking can be done with ignoble motives as Peter Mead describes here.

Closing With Christ

Jim Elliff comments on a too-common evangelistic method. “ This pattern has been passed on and repeated because few are taking the necessary time to analyze both its flight through Scriptural precedent and principle and its dismal effect. Whenever asked to give more careful consideration to its content and outcome, however , we are discovering that many, thankfully, are rejecting this inept structure in support of a better, more biblical a single. ”

The particular Promise With No Fine Print

Many promises appear to good to be true (precisely because they are too good to be true). But not this one.

Travel Professional photographer of the Year

There is lots of beauty to behold in this gallery from Travel Photographer of the Yr awards.

Cheetah Cub Defends Its Depriving Family from a Vicious Hyena (Video)

The headline of this one is maybe a little bit of an oversell, but it’ s not far from the truth. It’ s a neat video.

The particular Grace of Good Rebuke

“ How we give and receive rebuke reveals more about us than we may first realize. When was the last time someone rebuked you, and how did you respond? When was the final time you needed to rebuke someone? How did a person respond? ”

Flashback: The Myself I Was Yesterday

From the young age boys invariably receive one very unhelpful information: that men can be friends, but that there are strict, although unwritten, limits on how near a friendship they can possess. Boys are taught that friendships are good, but that will friendships can only grow to such an extent before they may be good no longer.

Theological zeal must be subjected to the test of really like. Not all zeal is from God. Even when the mistake we oppose is a fatal heresy, our aim should be to heal, not to disgrace. —Gavin Ortlund