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Asking Believing in God? Me personally too. I’m Doing This Instead.

It is the covenantal faithfulness of Christ alone that saves us, and we respond to Their saving faithfulness, by covenanting our own faithfulness to Him.   (And just because we will be faithless, doesn’t mean that it is less important that we commit to reorienting ourselves back toward faithfulness. ) 

“ For too long we have resided a cheap faith, instead of a expensive faithfulness. ”  

For too long we now have lived a cheap faith, instead of a costly faithfulness.    

Cheap belief says one only has to believe.  

When the truth is:  

Believers, by Scriptures own account, are not the ones who are really Christians. Even the demons believe.  

Real Christians aren’t merely the believers; True Christians are actually the devoted followers.  

We can say we pay devotion to Jesus, but that is cheap talk; we aren’t paying fidelity to Jesus unless this costs us something.

Following Christ means a cost will follow.

Following Jesus will mean a cost of comfort, cost of reputation, cost of relationship, cost of status, cost of self, price of things near and dear, and though it may feel like a rendering in two, any kind of cost for Jesus is just gain for now and all perpetuity.   I’m betting the particular farm and staking the whole life on this.  

I am daring to believe it plus desperately trying to live this:  

Following Jesus will cost you laying down the empire of self to give you the upside down kingdom that has just upsides for all eternity.  

“ Following Jesus will cost you laying down the kingdom of self to provide you with the upside down kingdom which has only upsides for all eternity. ”  

Jesus-followers daily follow Jesus into the reality of the Real Universe, the only Real Universe that will actually last forever, really the only Universe where those who take they are at the end of themselves reach accept the endless amazing advantages of God. Any other universe is usually vaporous mirage.  

Why believe that the Real Galaxy is the one of the Triune The almighty instead of believing in any another universe of our own visualizing?  

Because, when the universe has a beginning — and research concludes it can — it has a cause.  

And if the world has a beginning that has a trigger, it has to have its beginning in   that which is uncaused, beyond time and area, which means: “In the beginning, God…. “

This Real World, caused by God, cannot be a product of chance.  

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Perhaps the most impressive example of how incomprehensibly exact the existence of our planet is that  “the initial submission of mass energy to give the low entropy throughout the universe necessary for life is fine-tuned within1 part in 10 to some factor of 10(123). That means? If you took a sheet of paper and stuffed it with zeros, after that reproduced zeros on pieces of paper lined up across the entire galaxy, 15 billion light yrs across, that number would still be smaller than 10 to a factor of 10(123). ” 

“ It requires far greater faith to believe this universe is a product associated with chance than it takes to get faith in God since the Maker of this Real Galaxy. ”  

It takes far greater faith to trust that this universe is a product of chance than it requires to have faith in Our god as the Maker of this Real Universe.  

Dr Anders Sandberg of the Future associated with Humanity Institute very recently reported of his team of researchers analyzing the likelihood of life such as ours anywhere else in the universe,   “to get estimates of exactly how unlikely the steps can be”, and confirmed: “We feed in data about when things happened on Earth and a guess of how a lot of steps there were, and in come back we get the most likely levels of difficulty . ” 

He concluded?  

“[The data] turns out to indicate that will, yes, we are an improbable planet. ”

In all the universe, ours is an unlikely planet because we have been made by Love… by a Appreciate that is beyond this galaxy.  

Yet what of the Problem of Evil in this universe?  

The truth is: If there is no God —   there cannot be any objective moral values. When atheism is ultimately real, then there is ultimately no basis to argue anything can be objectively evil. But the human heart knows that killing, rape, violence against children is objective evil, and objectively exists in this universe. And if 1 believes in the reality of evil, one is faced with the reality of God.  

The problem of bad is answered by the undeniable fact that there is no believing in wicked unless there is believing within God.  

“ The problem of evil is answered by the fact that there is no believing in wicked unless there is believing in God. ”  

And yet, one always has the gift of options — one can exit the Real World of God and reside in an alternate universe of one’s own imagining. We all get to decide if want to do this our own way, have our own Kingdom where we make-up our own laws of character. And yet I can testify from the scars of my own careless life:  

Defying the ways of God is similar to trying to defy the law of gravity.  

In this past wildly hard season, a popular, lead Christian musician went to his tens of thousands of Instagram followers to humbly plus honestly offer that he no more believed in God and, genuinely heartbroken, I was significantly struck when I read the last few lines of his walking away from God:  

“My wife and am — we didn’t appreciate going to church. We didn’t enjoy reading the Scriptures. We didn’t enjoy praying. We didn’t enjoy praise. It all felt like obligation and our lack of enthusiasm about those things always made us feel as though something has been wrong with us. Now I do not believe anything was incorrect with us. We simply did not believe — and we had been too afraid to confess that to ourselves. ”

“ Pleasure in God is proof of attachment to God. Enthusiasm for the Word of Lord is powerful proof of in the The almighty of the Word . ”

I ached using their tender vulnerability and the courage of their confession: again and again, these people didn’t — enjoy, appreciate, enjoy, enjoy.   They lacked enthusiasm meant for God.  

And am found myself struck with all the deepest conviction:  

Lack of joy in Lord, reveals lack of belief within God.   Enthusiasm alone means “in God” — entheos; Lack of enthusiasm with regard to God means one probably isn’t within God.  

Enjoyment in God is evidence of connection to God.

Enthusiasm for that Word of God is definitely powerful proof of being in the God from the Word.  

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When the sun rises once again in a ball of beauty over this planet, surges morning light across the old floors, I’m swept away once again by the all the Love of this one Real Universe, the only one where Hope really is available.

“ In these strange days: There is more than assuming in God.   There is enjoying living in God . ”  

Hope only exists in the Real Universe where death has been killed on the Cross , where lifestyle has meaning beyond the particular walls of this earth, exactly where Hope has a name and rose from the grave and engraved your name for the palms of His hands. Alternate universes with their choice facts can’t offer any meaningful alternative to Christ-centric Wish.  

And with another dawn in the Real Universe from the Upside Down Kingdom of Lord, there’s the Hope just found in deeply inhaling in the atmosphere of Love Themselves, the overflowing reality from the Trinity, and this is what it means to enjoy being fully still living.  

In these unusual days: There is more than thinking in God.  

There is enjoying residing in God.  

There is enthusiastically breathing in the only atmosphere non-toxic to the human soul: grace.  

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