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The La Carte (February 3)

Grace and peace for you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In case you’ re interested in a resource that will lead you to Easter, perhaps consider Paul Tripp’ s new Journey to the Cross; Westminster Books has it on sale this week.

It’ s not the very best day we’ ve ever seen for Kindle deals, but there are a few at least.

Justice, Mercy, as well as the Gospel

Computer chip Batzig has written a helpful article on proper rights, mercy, and the gospel. “ As discussions and issue continues in the church and social media, let’ s resist the urge to blindly assistance whatever goes by the name of proper rights. Instead, let us be men and women who apply the concepts of Scripture consistently anywhere there is true injustice and wherever there is a real need for mercy. To fail to do this will inevitably undermine the particular principles of the gospel by itself. ”

Bully Pulpit

Jordan Kruger has kicked away a new series that promises to be interesting. He says, “ Spiritual abuse is more common than we think. Of course , it needs to be said that the vast, vast majority of pastors plus leaders are godly, fantastic people that don’t abuse their sheep. Most pastors shepherd their flocks gently and patiently. But , that does not mean we can ignore the small (and growing) number that not. ”

Want to Know How I Fight off Discouragement?

Greg Koukl tells how he arguements of discouragement in times that can seem awfully discouraging.

Hypocrisy is Hard to prevent

The Good Guide Company has three new books they want you to learn about. Each, in its own way, addresses one potential type of hypocrisy. (Sponsored)

Those the World Overlooks, The almighty Sees

We appreciated Trevin Wax’ ersus reminder that in some ways everybody is ordinary and in other ways most people are extraordinary. “ Ordinary people performing ordinary things. People without having prestige, power, or place, men and women without titles or even wealth or earthly possessions—these are the ones who proceed unnoticed and overlooked. The planet goes on, and they live and die and disappear. ”

What If Every Satellite Suddenly Disappeared? (Video)

Though it’ s unlikely to ever happen, it’ s an interesting thought experiment.

‘Whoever Is Ashamed of Me’

Greg Morse writes about those who, when needed of the Lord’ s come back, will be accounted among the types who were ashamed of him.

Flashback: Intimacy or even Familiarity

After i consider Bible reading, I realize two broad approaches: one which aims for familiarity and one that aims for intimacy. Both are good, both are usually beautiful, and both have their own place.

It is both foolish and wicked to suppose that we are going to make much progress in sanctification if we isolate yourself from the visible church. —R. C. Sproul