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Four Ways to Show Love to Your own Volunteers

Volunteering shouldn’t be considered a thankless job, but usually it is. Our volunteers make our own ministries happen. We adore them. We really do. We are grateful. But do all of us communicate to our volunteers how much we love them and exactly how thankful we are for them?

Pinterest is full of ideas designed for cute notes and presents that you can give to show understanding. Those types of trinkets are usually fun, however we can not only depend on those sorts of gifts for our volunteers to really feel loved. We need to construct appreciation into the rhythm of our own ministries. By building appreciation into the core of what we do, our volunteers know without a doubt they are loved and that what they do will be valued.

1 ) Pray for them and let them know it. Several years ago I created a work schedule on which I assigned the volunteer or two to each day. When a volunteer’s name appeared on my work schedule, I would stop and pray for their family. I would deliver a quick text or provide them with a call to thank them for serving and to ask if there was everything specific I could pray intended for. By creating a system, We made sure to include everyone and also to regularly connect.

Another meaningful habit is to stop and pray immediately. How often do you get stopped by a volunteer or get a phone call to share regarding something that is burdening their hearts. Too often we are doing saying, “I’ll definitely pray about that” and then we don’t. Stop what you’re doing and pray for that person on the spot. Pray on the phone. Even if they don’t ask for prayer, but they possess mentioned something challenging within conversation, ask if you can hope for them.

2 . Take time to honestly connect. Sunday mornings are busy. If you are the leader, you are probably getting pulled in a thousand directions. One Sunday I realized that I had immediately started offering orders to a volunteer just before I even said hi there. Too often we get swept up in the hectic frenzy of ministry and we completely miss connecting with our people. Stop. Say hello. Ask volunteers how their week had been. Ask about their family. Care for as much of the “stuff” associated with ministry as you can before people arrive so that you can give your own volunteers the attention they deserve.

Also, make time to connect with your own volunteers outside of church. Schedule lunch or coffee. Request their family over. Incorporate a volunteer on a hospital check out you have to make or to do some additional ministry task.

3. Ensure they have what they need to do their particular job. You can give your volunteers a million candy bars with cute notes, but if each week they don’t have what they need to serve well, they will not feel like they are valued. Make sure volunteers have the supplies and equipment they need. As much as possible, make their room of service comfortable (ofcourse not too hot, not too cold, not too smelly). Perform what you can to staff members appropriately so that no you are not selected feels they are understaffed.

You also communicate value by providing the training that they need to serve well. Assisting kids’ volunteers know how to control their classroom, work with specific needs, and deal with unpleasant behaviors will help them feel more successful in what they do. Exercising student ministry volunteers approach discuss tough topics will help them feel prepared. Teaching greeters what to do in case of an urgent situation helps them feel like part of the big picture of the cathedral.

4. Feed them properly. Which means this suggestion seems silly, however it can have the greatest impact. People love good food. If you have meetings, have good food. Surprise your volunteers using a special treat. Once during a planned training meeting, We loaded all of my volunteers up to go to the local ice cream place. Other times I have experienced shaved ice or your favorite ice cream cake. Give away gift credit cards to beloved restaurants. Communicate how much you love your volunteers by giving them good food!

Volunteers are a gift from God to the church. During this month of love, find new ways to communicate your enjoy and appreciation to your volunteers.

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