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Weekend break A La Carte (January 30)

My gratitude goes to Baker Books for sponsoring the blog this week with information of the new book Overcoming Bitterness: Moving from Life’s Greatest Hurts to a Living Filled with Joy.

Today’ s Kindle offers include some classics together with a couple of newer works.

(Yesterday over the blog: Why the West Is Antihistorical)

Five Truths In regards to the Holy Spirit

Here are five truths about the Ay Spirit courtesy of Alistair Begg.

Before You Tweet Criticism: Six Considerations

John Piper provides some thoughts on social media plus criticism.

They are the Highest Resolution Photos Actually Taken of Snowflakes

As soon as safely on the slide, this individual focuses his microscope to take the photograph, changing the particular exposure one micron at a time. (For reference, the thickness of a human hair procedures approximately seventy microns . ) On average, Myhrvold photographs every snowflake more than 100 moments, or as many times as he may before the snowflake starts to melt. Using specialized computer software, Myhrvold combines several photographs of a single example of beauty to create the final photograph. ”

An Executive Order Marginalizing Ladies and Girls

The following is WORLD’ s take on the particular President’ s new executive order related to transgenderism. “ On Inauguration Day, hrs after President Joe Biden’s calls for unity and promise to represent all Americans, platitudes gave way to procedures. In 880 words, Biden mandated a government associated with gender discrimination and equal rights that guaranteed biological males access to women’s social spaces. ”

Unusual Authority Speakers: 12 Concerns

There are some fascinating thoughts here.

Window Views

This is a great bit of composing from Heidi Tai.

A Conversation Along with Dr . Carl Trueman To the Modern Self And The Sexual Revolution

In case you don’ t plan to go through Carl Trueman’ s brand new book, perhaps you’ lmost all enjoy this interview which addresses some of its major factors.

Flashback: Whenever Freedom Is Captivity

Sin enslaves, but God delivers. We find the freedom not apart from him and the boundaries he gives us, but with him and within those boundaries he has graciously given to us. Here is true fulfillment and genuine freedom.

Anybody has used you badly today, he is the very person you are to pray to get tonight when you bow before God. —J. R. Miller