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A La Carte (January 28)

Good morning, and may the The almighty of love and peacefulness be with you today.

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(Yesterday on the weblog: When We Failed to Count the particular Cost)

The False Gospel associated with Assuming the Worst more

“ A single reason conversations about difficult topics like social justice tend to generate more high temperature than light, both within and beyond the chapel, is a phenomenon we may contact ‘ the Newman Impact. ‘” Thaddeus Williams explains the phenomenon and its significance.

Prayer Worrier

“ I am, by nature, something of a worrier. In fact , I am the grand son of a worrier, who had a very worried son, who has passed that tendency on to me and which I have nobly engendered in my youngster. Four generations of Kneale worry and counting. Informing us to just stop worrying doesn’t really help. It really is sometimes impossible – especially last thing at night – to turn the worries off. ”

How To Survive Three Days In The Outrageous

If this actually comes in handy, I anticipate you to send me a appreciate it note.

Returning To Your First Love

Jim Elliff reflects upon Revelation’ s warning about losing our first really like. “ Are you and those that are with you dangerously close to suffering from this judgment? Is the Light of God’s presence dim, almost imperceptible? Do you have form without power and activity without fruit? If so, Christ says you must…”

Be Reasonable for the Sake of the Gospel

Melissa says that “ hyperbole seems to be the rhetorical strategy of the day in Christian circles. ” She warns that “ these weird and wild comments do nothing for the spread of the gospel. They are usually indignant, entitled, arrogant, and overly opinionated, and so they paint a completely insufficient picture of God’s grace. ”

The Major Incoherence of Biden’s Transgender Policy

Later on Carter points out the revolutionary incoherence of Joe Biden’ s transgender policy. “ President Biden appears to think that his new plan is a mere reversion towards the 2016 status quo, when Chief executive Obama allowed transgender people to serve under certain restrictive conditions. What he does not understand is that the issue associated with transgenderism has evolved substantially over the past five years. Biden has adopted a policy that is not only radically incoherent yet that will have profound effects on both the military as well as the American people. ” (See also Rod Dreher’ h The Tyranny Of Technology & Trans. )

An Open Letter to a Sinner

Are you a sinner? I rather suspect you are. Hence you may benefit from this open letter, written for people like you (and me).

Flashback: How Evangelism Is certainly Kind of Like Fishing

Sharing the gospel is all about more than just learning and reciting a generic gospel display. It’s about knowing individuals and loving people—about caring them enough to get to know them.

We can’t separate the home life from our Christian life without missing something that is critical to our fellowship with God and our effectiveness to His mission on the planet. —Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth