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The La Carte (January 27)

Good morning! The Lord be along with you today.

For sale this week at Westminster Publications is Mike Emlet’ ersus new Saints, Sufferers & Sinners.

There is certainly, as usual, a selection of Kindle deals to look through.

Joe Biden’ s Transgender Fictions

Carl Trueman: “ If only it was just women’s sports that were headed from ESPN towards the History Channel. Even more serious, however , is the utter collapse associated with any stable notion of human personhood. What produces a person is now apparently simply your feelings, your psychology. ” (Also, he recently published about race and shows on the feedback to that write-up here. )

Abortion – The Central Sacrament of the Political Still left

Albert Mohler writes about 62, 500, 000 missing children. “ Numbers on this scale direct us to ask: How could abortion ever turn out to be thinkable? How did abortion become institutionalized, indeed, famous in American culture? ”

Drawing Near to God Amid Bitter Conditions

“ Do you have any bitterness in your life? As being a pastor attempting to shepherd the church family through a globally pandemic, I have had a front-row seat to many stories associated with sadness, heartache, and dissatisfaction. It has been difficult to watch the brothers and sisters suffer, along with a number of other members of our community. ” (Sponsored)

Need to Missionaries Be Looking for “Persons of Peace”?

“ Whereas the term ‘ seeker’ has been associated with the chapel growth movement in North America in particular, ‘ person of peace’ has lodged alone into the lexicon of modern quests. ” This article from 9Marks takes a look at the terminology.

The Privilege of Pastoring

Darryl Dash: “ I pastor a small, relatively new chapel. We don’t own the building. The church feels fragile, although I suppose each church does. Although we are small, we have our discuss of challenges and difficulties. And yet I can’t think I have the privilege associated with pastoring this church. ”

Isn’ capital t He Beautiful?

“ Isn’ t he or she just beautiful? And Yahweh did it all FOR US? That comes pretty close, We imagine, to the sort of point that Israelites must have mentioned when they saw Aaron outfitted for work. ”

God Has Not Overlooked You In Your Time of Great Sorrow

There is certainly comfort in such knowledge.

Flashback: A Few Practical Pointers on Marriage

Your husband or wife is the person who is closest for you. No one is more harmed by your sin and no one is a lot more blessed by your sanctification compared to your spouse.

There is no greater state than to get up from your knees knowing that in God’s sight you happen to be clean, that He has forgiven every sin you’ve actually committed. —R. C. Sproul