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A La Carte (January 25)

Grace and peace be with you as you live out an additional week for God’ ersus glory.

There’ s a good little choice of Kindle deals to browse by means of today.

Enjoy Bade Him Welcome

I love to read tales of how God works to contact his people to himself.

10 Sermons to Eliminate

Preachers, here are 10 sermons—or kinds of sermon—you should eliminate from your repertoire.

Everything Is definitely Broken

I saw this article recommended far and wide prior to finally reading it. It’ s quite a good look at, though unfortunately marred with a couple of flippant uses of the Lord’ s name. Nevertheless, it provides lots to think about.

The Reason Darwin Left the Faith (And The way we Can Learn Through His Pain)

“ Charles Darwin began his journey, according to his accounts, as a Christian. In fact , there was clearly the possibility of him going into ministry before his ride to the Beagle . However , there were some things that transformed his mind…”

An Old Cure for an Outdated Illness

My mate Eleazar Maduka has written a good and helpful article here about an old cure for an age-old illness.

How to Speak During Coronavirus (Video)

You might enjoy this clever and humorous video that pokes some good-natured fun at the constantly-changing COVID regulations.

The Death of Spontaneity

Talking about COVID, it may not be responsible for the death of spontaneity, yet I expect it’ s i9000 at least responsible for hastening the demise.

Flashback: When the Mormons Come Phoning

I will pay attention to them. Then I will let them know the gospel and clarify why this gospel is such good news—far better information than what they are offering.

It is not enough for the preacher to announce to all men that God loves them—the preacher should love them too in the event that he would make them believe in the particular divine love for them. —J. R. Burns