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Weekend A La Carte (January 23)

The God associated with love and peace be with you as you serve plus worship him this weekend break.

My gratitude goes to AGTV for sponsoring the blog this week with information of their excellent video streaming service.

Today’ s Kindle deals consist of some classics and some more sophisticated works.

(Yesterday on the blog: Brand new and Notable Books and Commentaries for January 2021)

Pride Beyond Accomplishment

“ On Christmas Day 1999, when she had been six years old, my little sister Jenna swallowed a whole jar of diuretic capsules. Or rather, she destroyed them. She always chews pills like they’re candy. And that is probably what the girl thought they were, lying generally there on the piano side desk at our grandparents’ certainly un-childproof house in a leafy Pennsylvania suburb. ” This is actually the starting point for an excellent article about the dignity about most of human beings (especially those with disabilities).

Twenty-One Factors That the Handwriting Is to the Wall for the Abortion Industry

May it demonstrate so that the handwriting is over the wall for the abortion sector! George Grant says, “ thanks to the abortion industry’s cavernously deep corporate pockets and it is carefully crafted public relations initiatives, it appears to enjoy wide well-known acclaim for the provision associated with ‘ effective and professional social services for the clingy. ‘” But the reality isn’ t so simple.

Grappling With Child killingilligal baby killing Trauma

Speaking of abortion, WORLD writes about post-abortive programs and groups in this article.

one Peter 4: 6 and people Pesky Prepositions (Video)

If you like to learn how the Bible is translated from Greek to English, this particular brief video may appeal.

The Greatest Evangelist In The World

“ We have a large Roma/Gypsy/Traveller neighborhood in our valley and many go to our church. We enjoy them all dearly, they are a hard-working, trustworthy, family-centred people who are devout followers of Jesus and I am forever pleased to them for introducing me personally to Rodney ‘Gypsy’ Jones to whom the Alfredia church is indebted. ” Here’ s a brief biographical sketch of the man.

Are These the final Days?

Numerous seem to be asking the question these days…

We are My Own Greatest Hardship

Guy Richard clarifies how he is his own greatest hardship. “ One of the most acute and enduring struggles which i have experienced in my own lifetime has been the struggle to be content with myself. The real problem, as I have discovered, is that deeply down I don’t want to be the person God has made me to become. ”

Flashback: Aging Brings Life-Shaping Decisions

No matter the age, no matter how far we have traveled through time, we have been to relentlessly pursue godliness and persistently avoid worldliness.

When [God] breaks our lives to items, it is because they will do a lot more for his glory as well as the world’s good broken plus shattered than whole. —J. R. Callier