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An Example of a Brief Church Covenant

Recently i posted an article that provided an example of a covenant pastors can make with their churches. It is what the pastors use in my chapel .

Several commenters stated it was a one-way covenant, which is true. What was not really included in that article has been how all church people, pastors included, covenant with one another. My church has 2 covenants. The first is between every members, pastors included. The second reason is a commitment pastors make to the church.

The example below is our own first covenant, one between all members. It is intentionally brief. The purpose of the agreement is to make clear our 7 expectations of membership. The particular “I will” statements are very important because they make explicit the actions and behavior expected of members.

Since it is specific to our church, many of you may not agree with every part of every point. But if you are looking for an example covenant as a starting point for your church, you may use this one.

As a member of Western Bradenton Baptist Church, I will fulfill the following expectations:

  1. I will worship the one true God with other West Bradenton Baptist church people for as long as I am physically capable. The goal of my regular weekly worship is to give Lord glory.

  1. I will grow spiritually via regular involvement in organizations and classes at Western Bradenton Baptist Church along with regular personal devotional times. I understand the purpose of these groups and classes is building community with other believers plus holding each other accountable.

  1. I will function Christ through the mission function of West Bradenton Baptist Church. I am created to assist others through good functions. I am commanded by God to make disciples of every nation, tribe, people, and language through the local church. I am going to support the church’s mission to share the gospel from your local neighborhood to the ends of the earth.

  1. I will give to The almighty abundantly and joyfully, spotting God as the owner of most things. Giving my tithe and time to God provides me closer to Him.

  1. I will seek unity with other church users. I recognize God’s design for the church is oneness in diversity, and I can put the interests of others above my personal preferences. I will safeguard the reputation of the church and submit to self-discipline for any sin problems inside my life.

  1. I will pray for and submit to the leadership associated with West Bradenton Baptist Chapel. I will pray privately current church corporately. I will hope for people to accept Christ, and am will pray for more disciples to grow in their faith.

  1. I will reveal the good news of Jesus with others. I will make the attitude that of Christ plus, through humility, make the gospel my priority through non selfish, good works and evangelism.

With Christ because my Lord and Messiah, being baptized by immersion after my salvation, being led by the Holy Nature, and being in agreement along with West Bradenton Baptist Church’s covenant, doctrine, and leadership, I joyfully unite with all the church and commit myself to God and the additional members.

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