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The Unexpected Benefits of Online Guidance

This sponsored publish was provided by Burke Guidance Group which invites you to definitely book an online appointment using their trained biblical counselors.

Transition brings change. And change brings new levels of sanctification into our lives. Many people, exactly like you and me, are going through new levels of sanctification because they continue to be “ conformed to the image of the particular Son ”; spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. What if you were able to dialogue with and get feedback from someone, within the comfort of your home, workplace, or even auto, who could help to biblically re-frame the brokenness you are experiencing? Someone uniquely equipped to talk about life as it relates to your relationship with God, your relationship with yourself as well as your emotions, with the ones nearest to you and to your neighbours, your city, and the countries. This is the goal of Burke Counseling Group.

We connect to our counselees via safe, private telehealth video providers and are finding wonderful, practical benefits. Primarily we offer person adult counseling and what all of us refer to as 2× two marriage counseling for couples. Also available is individual career counseling and pre-marital guidance for engaged couples. We all see that many people are benefiting from our broader reach to remote areas of North America.

So , what is different regarding online video counseling making use of telehealth technology?

When I look through the “Priest, Prophet, King” lens, here is what I am seeing.

The “Priest” (heart person) are mostly asking, “how do I impact my coronary heart in such a technical, online way? ” The reality is that they are within their own space (house, office, or auto), the therapist is going into their world, and they have more freedom to engage because the setting is their own area, with their favorite beverage, treat, blanket and their own container of tissues. Their tempo is not interrupted, and they are free to engage their heart in the familiar comfortable setting.

The “Prophet”(head person) will likely want to ensure that the content and dialogue are usually backed up with Truth. The digital platform allows for contacting of documents, screen sharing, and additional follow up with material adopting the session. We will even “snail mail” short devotionals plus journals to our counselees so they continue to be challenged outside of our counseling time. Logos software program and Tim Challies’ every day newsletters make for great additional resources.

Finally, the “King” (hands person) is more than likely going to interested in the practicalities of how this new model functions. They are more than likely going to appreciate the fact that “there is no long commute time and no uncomfortable reception room wait! ” The fact that they can jump on and jump off and it has only taken up one hour is a good value proposition for them.

Our passion for biblical counseling has been being nurtured for over two decades. God has blessed us with some of the finest biblical teaching a person can ask for. We desire to pass along all that God has provided to us. Our testimony much more about God’s faithfulness compared to our own. God is the person who provided for us during just about all our struggles which included blending a family of six teens. But it is from these struggles that God has created something new and good plus rich. We desire to make God known as the main character of our story and we desire that He be the main personality in your story also. We might love to share our tale with you.

Please consider, trying at . We are here to assist unpack your struggles. Most of us have been through a lot over the past calendar year. You are not alone, and God knows where you are. Please think about scheduling an appointment with us.