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An Example of a Covenant Between Pastor and Church

Not every cathedral has a covenant, and many that will define a agreement differently. Other churches may have a concept of membership but not have a covenant. The purpose of this article is not to stir upward a theological debate but instead provide an example of a covenant between pastor and cathedral.

Generally, a church covenant is a clearly stated way an individual member commits to the body and how the body, subsequently, commits to the individual. As you commit to God, you invest in each other in the church. In my opinion some of the best church covenants concentrate on expectations. For example , the agreement at my church includes seven membership expectations: Worship, develop, serve, give, pray, seek unity, and share.

I’ve found several samples of church covenants, but there are far fewer examples of a covenant between leadership as well as the church. When we revised our own bylaws a few years ago, we all included an additional covenant intended for pastors.

I believe this covenant helps explain the responsibilities of a pastor in addition to the responsibilities of membership. The church also needs to understand how to keep pastors accountable. Unmet goals are often a source of pressure between pastors and the church. When a clearly written agreement exists, there is less of a chance unmet expectations trigger conflict.

Here is our pastor’s covenant. I favor the “I will” claims because they make explicit those things and behavior expected of pastors.

I commit as a pastor within the body of Christ to join West Bradenton Baptist Church and to fulfill the objectives of church membership. Additionally , I commit to the following objectives as a pastor:

  1. I will look for God’s guidance for Western Bradenton Baptist Church to be able to steward resources entrusted towards the church in a way that gives Lord glory.

  1. I will shepherd, care for the church, and lead with grace, truth, and love.

  1. I am going to teach all of God’s Term at all costs.

  1. I will equip members of the church for that work of ministry.

  1. I will protect the doctrine of West Bradenton Baptist, and I will guard the particular church against false educators and false teaching.

  1. I will act in a way that is definitely above reproach, making my loved ones the priority of the ministry. I understand the way I actually live will affect the cathedral I lead, and I will certainly live in a way that elevates the reputation of West Bradenton Baptist Church.

  1. I will lead the church in exercising discipline in a way that is gracious and loving, protecting the health of the church in general while guiding members towards reconciliation.

An additional covenant will certainly not solve all the problems that can occur within the relationship between pastor plus church. But it’s an excellent starting point. Your expectations might be different than the seven detailed for our church. Whatever you expect of pastors, and whether you desire a covenant, it’s a good practice to put all of them in writing.

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